Bible Guestbook Chalkboard Signage

Instead of using a traditional guestbook, why not reflect a foundational part of your relationship and allow guests to share their love? This alternative guestbook sign will allow you to treasure this aspect of your day on a whole new level!

12 inches x 16 inches. Chalkboard background. White handpainted lettering and flowers. 

Please note that all greenery and accessories are not included with purchase. All of our signage is 100% real wood and real hands (no machinery used in our designs!) thus there will be variations from piece to piece. For example, stain saturation, lettering, and natural occurences of wood (knots, grains, etc). If you are not satisfied with your product, please contact us within 48 hours of your order so that we can work with you! Your satisfaction is our #1 priority! 

Please e-mail Kiersten at to personalize the custom color and floral design on this sign if desired! 


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Let's connect!

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